One year after Mary graduated from Dixie State College with her B.S. in Communications, she was discouraged about the job offers she had had and was still contemplating what career to pursue when she decided to make a trip to Fruitland, Idaho, to visit her parents. Trips home always seemed to give her clarity.

Mary’s Dad had been diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2014. She remembers her and her mom talking in the kitchen about her dad’s chemotherapy, radiation, and eight surgeries.

Mary asked, “how have you guys been paying for all of this?” When her mother pointed to the magnet on her fridge, “Oh we have an agent that specializes in Medicare. We’re so grateful we were referred to him before your dad got on Medicare. He literally saved our financial life!” Mary didn’t even know what an agent that specializes in Medicare was.

So, she called the number on the magnet and asked him about his business and after she got off the phone she thought, “now that is what I want to do.” And she never looked back.

“Of course, there was a steep learning curve, but there is, in any endeavor in the beginning.” And although 9/10 agents quit within the first two years, that option never occurred to her. “I didn’t even carry Advantage plans my first year. All I wrote were Medigaps. In the second year I got certified to carry Advantage plans in Utah and Nevada, and now I have policies in five states. This will be my 6th Open Enrollment and we’ve expanded to two offices in Mesquite and Overton, Nevada.” Not being educated about Medicare and making (or not making) the right choices can have long-lasting repercussions.

“My goal is to educate every person who qualifies for Medicare as to what insurance is best for them. Knowing a client has chosen the best medical care they can afford is what keeps me going.”

The Medicare Mary